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...Not only is Bina skillful with the deep tissue massage technique, she also has a spiritual healing touch and a caring personality, so that the experience far exceeds that of a simple massage. I would recommend Bina as the "best" to anyone, without reservation.

Pat J.

...I have relied on her remarkable skill for the treatment of a variety of muscular problems and for easing the pain from surgery... She is reliable, caring, hard working, talented, generous, and always professional.

Margaret R.

...She has not only gotten the kinks out of my muscles and reduced my stress, but sometimes she has even healed my stubborn colds, my fragmented emotions and my vulnerable spirit when needed. She has warm miracle hands and her touch both soars and soothes.

Cathy F.

Her work is elevated above the ordinary by a spirituality rooted in the culture of her native Nepal.

Margaret R.